What People Say

Georgia had a profound impact on my career and my personal life. At a formative stage of my career when I was given a great opportunity, she was able to teach me the soft skills I was needing and unlock my potential to succeed in the role.

She did the same thing for a number of my peers at the same time. Based on that experience I have engaged Georgia repeatedly over several decades to continue mentoring me as I have progressed in my career, as well as to do the same for talented people I have had the privilege to lead.

Georgia has a unique ability to get to the core of issues with individuals and teams.

On a number of occasions when I have been unable to lead people through a phase of rapid change/development alone, Georgia has been able to provide coaching, mentoring, and training support to fast track the change. 

She quickly identifies the root causes and tailor’s specific interventions. They may be with the individual themselves, or with the team dynamic, or with the way in which I am leading. I always find Georgia to be fast, pragmatic, insightful and effective. Not to mention, great fun to work with!

- Rob Aird,
MD APAC Unispace

What People Say

Before I started working with Georgia I was frustrated in my business. I knew I was not growing fast enough and was not certain I was working with the right people in the right market. But I couldn’t see the way forward. Georgia coached me through a process that allowed me to get clear on what wasn’t working and why.

The process that Georgia took me through gave me clarity about who I should be working with, in what market and with which products. This clarity when supported with accountability sessions led very quickly to rapid growth.

Since working with Georgia my business has transformed; I now work only with clients I like on projects I love, that deliver every time. I would recommend this process to any business owner who knows that they can achieve much more than they are right now and just need a little help with getting clarity

- Director,
Your Maintenance Coach

Georgia is one of a kind as a coach and mentor. She not only shows great insight into all that you and your business require to succeed but also has an eminently practical approach that makes it easy to implement the measures advised. 

I would highly recommend Georgia to everyone who is either at a crossroads in their personal or business life or just wants to ‘take off.’ This mentoring approach is nothing short of inspirational.

- Charlotte Mutoro,
Business Owner, Consummate Health

Since starting my leadership coaching with Georgia, I can honestly say that my interpersonal skills and ability to deal with and manage, all the different personality types you come across in corporate life has improved tenfold. 

In 3 short months I have learned what would probably have taken 3 years or more to realise! The best evidence of my respect for Georgia’s talent is the fact that three of my rising stars are now being coached by her across a range of leadership topics.

- Kevin McCabe,
Operations Director, APAC

I highly recommend Georgia as a one-on-one management coach for her personal and personalised style. 

Her ability to draw out root causes of obstacles, provide real-time responses, advice and tools is excellent. 

Her sessions are knowledgeable and insightful, and I leave each session feeling motivated and with a clear direction on next steps.

- D.B,
Principal Delivery

As a coach Georgia has encouraged managers in our organisation to develop in their leadership style with confidence. 

With the combination of individual and group coaching our team was able to move toward addressing issues proactively. 

Georgia’s coaching and programs are invaluable as an accelerator for both leaders and teams.

- S. Beattie,
People and OD Manager

Georgia’s experience and support has been important in encouraging me to push myself outside of my comfort zone. 

Her perceptiveness challenged me to think in new ways and she has been invaluable to me as a sounding board. 

Her unique approach has provided me with insights as well as a toolkit of tools and strategies that I still use today.

- C. Daniels,
Head of HR

Undertaking the profile assessments that Georgia conducts provided me with a clear understanding of my work and personal style, that encouraged me to deep dive into understanding my values and how these align with my current and future career choices. 

I would highly recommend working with Georgia. Her holistic approach to career coaching makes you feel immediately comfortable and confident to undertake professional and personal development. 

I am extremely satisfied with the progress I have made to date and feel what I have learnt through this process will stay with me throughout my life and career

- K.H.
Executive Manager, Not-for-Profit

I have enjoyed the benefits of Georgia’s 1:1 coaching sessions over the last six months.

In that time, it is not just Georgia’s immense depth of perception and experience which has impressed me, but also her ability to gently coach and coax you into uncovering your own strengths and areas for improvement. 

It is very much a two-way conversation and trusted mentorship, rather than a one-way talk fest or Powerpoint presentation. Make no mistake, Georgia is a powerhouse in this space and I have no hesitation to recommend her services.

- Harry Rowntree,
Regional Principal, Design​

I was connected to Georgia at a time where I was in a state of flux with my career. Having held leadership roles in various established companies, I lacked clarity on what my next steps looked like, post resigning from a senior position at a start-up.

Working with Georgia has been, and continues to be, one of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given. 

Georgia’s insight, guidance, and ability to cut through the middle of some of the most challenging circumstances, break old patterns of thinking and offer fresh perspectives has been invaluable. 

She provides plenty of ‘a-ha’ moments as well as practical tools so you can navigate whatever testing times you may be up against.

Georgia is a pocket rocket of wisdom and is someone I’m grateful to have in my corner. 

- Claire Marshall
Creative Industry Professional