Is This Mid-Life?

I had three clients who shared a similar feeling about where they were in their lives but were propelled there through different circumstances.

 Client 1, a successful executive with an impressive resume, had feelings of imposter syndrome and questioned her worth. Client 2, a driven senior leader in a large corporation, woke up each morning feeling empty and sad and wondered why he felt so deeply unsatisfied with his life. Finally, client 3 shared that she wasn’t sure who she was anymore now that her children were older, and their needs had changed. She had put her career on the back burner while raising a family and had feelings of disempowerment about what to do next.

Reflecting on their stories, the common thread between my clients was that they were professionals either in or exiting their 40’s, they were in a period where they were experiencing fear, disappointment, anxiety and confusion, and whilst they were thankful for what they had, they were affected by exhaustion and burnout, questioning whether “is this all there is?”.

Getting curious about where you are now, wondering what’s next, exploring the identity of the older you, finding meaning and purpose, gaining clarity or redefining what’s important in your life – these are all common themes that tend to come to the forefront when we reach certain age milestones. Having the courage to look inward and identify what’s important to you and why you do what you do will bring you the clarity you need to make your best decisions. You will be better equipped to find purpose and come into your own.

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