Meet Georgia

“My desire has always been to help people feel less anxious about feeling stuck, less stressed about performance or career, and better understand who they are”.

Georgia Messih specialises in working with executive leaders, teams, and individuals on discovering and understanding how their characteristics shape their personal and professional success.

Whilst experiencing personal challenges at various points in her own life, professionally Georgia became an executive and thought leader, transforming teams and leadership in the workplace prior to starting Progressive Coaching and Learning, as Georgia M.

 Georgia has the unique ability to guide clients toward gaining new perspectives and thinking, by providing insight and easy to implement tools that resonate and connect with the individual.

 Driven to relieve confusion, doubt, and stress through providing a roadmap and support, Georgia’s role is to provide you with the knowledge and skills that empower you to take control. Her coaching succeeds for those committed to taking action and driving desired change.

I wasn’t giving up without a fight!

I started reading books on psychology, disease, the spiritual and how the mind worked and tried and tested everything I was learning. That month passed, and so did the next with a new prognosis that she would live if our daughter passed five years of age.

So, we dedicated ourselves to getting to her fifth birthday, and we’re forever grateful that we did as she is with us today.

During that time, I often asked myself, “what is my learning here? Why has this happened to us? What am I missing?”.

Well, I learned about strength in the face of adversity, loneliness, how not to accept a victim consciousness and how persistence and resilience can reward you.

These learnings, however, were to be put to the test a second time when our eldest daughter, at twenty-one, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that the doctors could only treat experimentally without much hope.

My shock and distress were off the charts as, within the month, I also had to deal with both parents in severe conditions in hospital – at the same time. I walked away from my job and business to face this adversity, not knowing if I had what it took to do it over. I was running between three different hospitals, I couldn’t sleep, exhaustion and anxiety were my new norm, and this was the start of my health issues.

I cried I raged at the unfairness of it all, I began to lose faith in what I believed in, and doubt and fear became my constant companion. I found myself constantly trying to understand what I meant to understand or learn from all that was happening.

I spent countless hours with my daughter applying new learnings about mindset, the human spirit, setting goals and perseverance. Eighteen months later, things took a positive turn with our daughter and my parents surviving their ordeal.

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Coaching is for anyone who wants to do more, have more, be better at what they do, be ready for opportunities and who wants to craft a path to their desired success.