Do you worry about making the wrong decision?

Do you know how you are perceived?

Do you possess the influence and effect you want?

Are you getting the results you desire?

I work with leaders and leadership teams to move from uncertainty and frustration to awareness and clarity. I help leaders solve the challenges of collaboration, communication, conflict, and achieving personal and team performance goals.

I believe leadership can be learned and applied in straightforward, practical ways, and my role is to support leaders in becoming great!

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a pathway to enhancing individual or team performance. Just as an athlete uses a coach, the same can be applied for personal and professional development where it can assist in performance, confidence, and productivity.

Why Coaching?

Benefits of Coaching for Individuals and Leaders

1. Establishes a Plan with Purpose

Coaching provides the space to define your objectives and desired outcomes.

2. A Safe Environment to Sound Out Ideas

The opportunity to share challenges and thoughts to gain perspective on issues, knowing that you receive feedback, encouragement, and relevant ‘in the moment’ strategies to implement results with greater confidence, less effort, less stress, an increase in energy, drive, and motivation.

3. Greater Awareness and Deeper Learning

The coaching process assists you in discovering:

4. Better Performance

Coaching creates the space for you to build on current skills and develop new skills to apply in real-time. Making changes becomes a more pleasant experience and as confidence grows in applying new learnings, so does creativity, productivity, and performance.

What Can Coaching Do For Me?

Almost no one achieves significant success on their own, and the most successful people engage experienced coaches throughout their life and career.

A coach can provide insight to help you…

Who Should Consider Working With A Coach?

Coaching is for anyone who wants to do more, have more, be better at what they do, be ready for opportunities and who wants to craft a path to their desired success.

If you’re thinking, “do I need a leadership coach, and will it benefit me?” then here are a few more signs:

Benefits of Coaching For An Organisation

1. Increase in Leader Engagement

Coaching provides an additional pathway for career and professional development, signalling organisational support in providing leaders and leadership teams with opportunities for success.

2. Greater Levels of Productivity

A coaching program for leaders provides dedicated, focused support in facilitating improvement in key areas. These improvements result in increased productivity as leaders work more intelligently and more efficiently with increased effectiveness.

3. Greater Team Awareness and Collaboration

Leadership team coaching provides:

4. Influences Company Culture

When leaders collaborate and have confidence in safe, open discussions, they can better meet their individual and organisational goals. Role modelling positive behaviours in the organisation by the leadership team becomes an encouraging and constructive demonstration for others to follow.



Our profiling tool provides you with more than just a personality assessment. It gives an overview of your preferred work style with a guide on behaviours and habits to stop, start and continue doing to move you forward. Gain a deeper understanding of how you interact with others, manage stress, and make decisions.

In organisations, our personality profile helps eliminate uncertainty about a new hire and their future performance, making decisions about challenging but experienced employees and providing the proper support for those with high potential.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Programs are designed to fulfill the needs of the individual leader with a focus on tangible results and clarity on their definition of success.

The coaching is based on growth and learning, skills acquisition, increased confidence, and strategies that lead to solutions.

Leadership Team

The focus is on improving leadership effectiveness and collaboration.

The programs provide for individual and team growth together regardless of established norms or challenging environments.

The leadership team framework aims to improve transparency, communication, cross-functional collaboration, problem-solving and decision-making in a ‘psychologically safe’ climate. It releases team potential toward high-quality outcomes.


Career coaching brings attention to your current circumstances, helps you clarify what you want for your future and then creates the plan to get you there. You’re provided tools to help you understand yourself and your motivations and offers the support you need to make informed decisions about your professional direction.


Through building confidence, and gaining insight and self-understanding, life coaching has the power to help you create the life you want on your terms. It’s a partnership where we take a holistic look at you, and what your goals are, then with support and encouragement, you gain new skills and clarity to find your meaning.


Our profiling tool provides you with more than just a personality assessment. It gives an overview of your work and personal life with a guide on behaviours and habits to stop, start and continue doing to move you forward. Gain a deeper understanding of how you interact with others, manage stress, and make decisions.

How I Work With You

My work as a coach is focused on making sure leaders have what they need to be confident, visible, and impactful. Our work together is based on a combination of self-awareness, self-management, and sustainable leadership applying practical, easy strategies to create momentum that leads to progress which brings about success.

I offer a free 20-minute discovery call to help you define your desired outcomes and see how I can support you.

Meet Georgia

“My desire has always been to help people feel less anxious about feeling stuck, less stressed about performance or career, and better understand who they are”.

I work with leaders, teams, and individuals on discovering and understanding how their characteristics shape their personal and professional success.

As an executive and thought leader, I have over 20 years of experience in human resources, change management, performance management, and leadership development. My interest in human behaviour led me to start Progressive Coaching and Learning as Georgia M.

I have worked with some of Australia’s leading organisations, some of which are: Westpac, Philips, Atlas Copco, CSC, and Lendlease, to develop their teams and talent.

My aim is to guide leaders toward gaining new perspectives and thinking with strategies that help relieve confusion, doubt, stress, and frustration. I believe my role in the coaching process is to provide knowledge and skills that empower the leader to take control. I love working with leaders who are driven but need some guidance and who are committed to taking action and driving their desired change.

Would you like to explore working with me?

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